BEMER Equestrian Unit for Horses. Cutting edge German technology that promotes micro circulation and oxygenation of the cells to aid the body with healing. Innovative, modern and functional

The BEMER Horse-Set opens new possibilities in all aspects of caring for your horse. It supports healing and promotes regeneration – and can even be used preventively. It also optimizes suppleness, allowing your horse to exercise more efficiently, so he can relax more easily and recover from exertion faster.


Heaven for horses: rest, relaxation, regeneration. Before and after a hard day, the stable should be a place of rest for your horse. The BEMER Horse-Set delivers noticeable benefits for your horse. Thanks to its ease of handling and operation, your horse won’t be kept waiting. 

Your horse will be significantly more mentally focused and willing, as well as more relaxed. He’ll they also regenerate and reach a state of suppleness more quickly. Horse-friendly features, thoughtful design, and attention to detail make the BEMER Horse-Set the best possible addition to your stable – it significantly benefits horses, and their sports and recreational riders. Your horse is going to love it! * **

Possible effects of impaired microcirculation 

Reduced performance 

Inadequate recovery when resting 

Increased susceptibility to and reduced defense against infection 

Increased risk of impaired wound healing ability 

Better recovery. Better for your horse.

Regeneration is the key to success. The BEMER Horse-Set has a positive effect on your horse’s microcirculation. By effecting the parasympathetic nervous system, i.e. the “resting nerve” “rest and digest”, it supports relaxation and recovery processes.

Good microcirculation for good health 

Promotion of metabolism and cell activity

Activation of recovery and healing processes

Faster relaxation and increased strength


Thermography showing circulation after BEMERThermography showing circulation after BEMER

Thermography showing circulation after BEMER


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