O3 Animal Health Equine Omega Oil

“I don’t even know where to start. I have to say, Dr. Kraybill and I are highly skeptical of supplements and supplementary claims.  With that being said, the clinical trial we did on a horse in our care has been astounding.

We used your product, Equine Omega Complete, on an off the track thoroughbred, 17 yr old mare, with significant chronic illnesses.  She has been treated (somewhat successfully but never really was 100%) for chronic Lyme titers, gastric ulcers, general malaise and nervousness.

She is an eventing prospect for our daughter and was given to us for a dollar from a client who was in need of placing her in a different home due to overcrowding circumstances.

She has always looked lackluster, had a dull coat, been a handful to ride, suspicious, lacked focus, and was “worn out ” from light exercise. We could never really get a handle on what her specific issues were and tried pretty much everything we felt had good science behind it. We had minimal success with a handful of products, but nothing as amazing as equine omega complete.

Since she has been on a clinical trial with equine omega complete, she has been in training as an eventing prospect, jumping up to 3′, clear-minded, shiny coat, terrific hoof health and has had stamina and enthusiasm to compete. She is focused, competitive, and eager to work. The change in her is astounding and I have nothing else to contribute it to other than your product. We are just simply stunned by her reaction to the oil and so very happy for her that she is obviously feeling so much better and so much more focused and engaged.

Dr Kraybill is now a staunch believer in this oil and we have been promoting it within the practice. Thank you so much for providing us with the opportunity to do the clinical trial.“ Tricia Kraybill

Please mention Robert H Kraybill, DVM when making a purchase.

Thank you!

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